With anticipation of a hot summer,
new resort events are packed!

You tend to think,
spending time in May and June in Okinawa is just half the fun because of the rainy season, but it isn't.
You can swim in the warm ocean,
while the climate is not too hot.
It's typical for southern countries, that even if it's raining, it's hardly raining for a long time.
If you avoid the peak, you can enjoy your travel.
So, May and June are Okinawa's best seasons.

We have changed with passion this best season in Okinawa into a new sightseeing brand campaign,
called "Okinawa E-Motion" and starting 2019.


The illustrator

Ms.Little Chico

Her speciality is her unique pop illustration influenced by American cartoons and streetart.
She is a young and energetic creator, who started huge live paintings in the collaboration with XLARGE or at ULTRA JAPAN, and works regardless of the genre and together with various companies like Laforet Harajuku.

Her recent work "RYUCELL" is an album about jacket design. The scope of her activities is expanding.



The photographer


Sandy.Kanako, who took splendid pictures at the OKINAWA FOOD FLEA, participates as an Okinawa E-Motion photographer!
Please also pay attention to her work from her various activties as a photowriter at Okinawa Clip and as a graphic designer.